Bringing Back The Excitement In Your Business.

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About Us

ABA Malaysia (Action Business Advisors Malaysia) is Malaysia’s leading and talked about business advisory firm.

We provide business re-education, innovative strategies consultative and advisory to small business owners who are seeking assistance as well as material advise to grow and transform their business.

With our niche advisory, we assist high growth SMEs to improve business efficiency and management operations, and bring back the excitement in your business.  

We Bring Back The Excitement In Your Business.



STEP 1: BUSINESS CLINIC (Identifying Your Issues/Concerns)

Every business owner has different challenges, budgets, resources, visions, skills and motivation levels. So, Step 1 is to find out exactly what you need. Our Business Clinic is a 1.5 hour, one-on-one meeting with your business advisor or business analyst to take an initial look at:

  • i) how your business is going now;
  • ii) what challenges and problems you're having in your industry or business;
  • iii) which areas hold the greatest potential for improvement;
  • iv) which strategies would achieve that growth;
  • v) how effectively you're using your resources including your time and team; &
  • vi) your goals and plans for the business.


STEP 2: BUSINESS ASSESSMENT (Identifying Your Business Path)

When you decide to make some changes in your business, the next step is to plan your path to a better business and life.

Business Assessment is a must for anyone in business. It's your chance to have ABA Malaysia to evaluate your business and personal life, and identify many different areas of untapped potential. This process is a vital in getting maximum value from your commitment to any Business Advisory Program.


Business Advisory Program is your key to ultimate success. Whether you want to bulid your business, create a more dynamic team, or systemise your business better so you can have the confidence that it can run without you having to be there, the Program is your key to getting there.

Having a business advisor means you:

  • i) have access to someone to brainstorm with at your level as a business owner;
  • ii) have access to the latest cutting edge technology in Sales, Marketing and Operations Management;
  • iii) are accountable to a proactive 3rd party person who will make sure you work 'on' the business not just 'in' it to achieve the goals you've set for yourself and the business;
  • iv) have access to 'practical' knowledge that your business advisor has, in relation to the strategies and development of tactics to make your business 'outstanding'.
  • v) have council from someone who understands the psychological challenges you need to undergo to become more 'entrepreneurial';
  • vi) will stay motivated to achieve your goals and continue to grow.

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Our Blog

We love to share. Our blog is the platform for us to do so. Find out about the latest info and business practices that can help you improve your business. All written by the best in their own field.

Employee Leadership
Development Program (ELDP)

This is a 3-phase program divided into personal profiling, workshop and 360-degree feedback. The aim of this program is to unleash the hidden potentials and to develop leadership among the employees of an organization. It is also a platform for the team members to know more about their teammates.

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What our clients say about us


Pozi Hassan
Positive, clear vision and direction is a must in building a business. Confidence, good attitude and execute what your coach advised, are the keys to success. Do not blame others if you failed.

Pozi Hassan,
Managing Director, Pozi Holdings Sdn Bhd
Owner of Pozi Catering & Laman Pozi brands
*Most Successful and Outstanding Company Award,
ABA Malaysia Client’s Day 2016

Business owners need to think of improving their systems and technology, because with better systems and technology, a business will become competitive and sustainable.

Rudy Azwan,
Managing Director, Sweet Studio Sdn Bhd
Owner of SweetPictures brand
*Most Aggressive and Innovative Company Award
ABA Malaysia Client’s Day 2016

In building a business, we need someone who is capable of observing the whole aspect of business, so as not to be complacent with our achievement.

Khairil Izwan & NorHidayah,
Directors of Miracle Food Pluss Sdn Bhd
Owner of Aura Steamboat N Grill brand
*Fast Transformed Company Award
ABA Malaysia Client’s Day 2016

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