Business Assessment (BA) is a systemized, procedural analysis and reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) that can accurately communicate our current reality, opportunities and the gaps in between. It is on-site observations, citing of documents and interactions with the management, employees and other related stakeholders of the business. It is an examination on the business on all aspects, based on ABA Malaysia’s business building framework. The results of Business Assessment, in the form of some 20-page report, would be summary of knowledge, awareness and recommended actions that need to be taken either immediately or later, by the business owners. The assessment will be conducted by ABA Malaysia’s Business Advisor at the client’s business premise.

This session is designed to

Examine all aspects of

your business

Share everything about your business with our advisors in a private session. We’ll uncover your immediate pain points together.

Provide a full summary of

the business’s health

Keep your mind sane with our expert advice and easy to follow action plans. Your business will have a clear path that we pave.

Understand the actions needed to be taken by the

business owners

Find out what are the best course of actions you must take in order to get your business optimal.

Best suited for businesses that have already made progress in generating revenue.

The Business Assessment provided by us works like an examination for businesses to understand their overall health. Based on our business building framework, we will provide a summary of knowledge, awareness, and recommended actions that need to be taken either immediately or later, by you, the business owners.

ABA’s Business Building Framework

Hundreds of businesses have a higher chance of improving after several sessions with us.

Faster actions

We believe you will take faster actions once we provide the summary of your business health.

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