It is a strategic one-on-one consultation session where business owners or directors share and discuss their current business issues and concerns with ABA Malaysia’s Business Advisors. This session is designed for the business owners who aim to enhance their business systems for better efficiencies. Focus of the discussion will be on reviewing your company’s plan, performance, policies and processes related areas of competitiveness.

A 2-page Business Review Report will be produced to translate at what stage a company is currently performing, together with recommended actions.

This session is designed to

Discuss your business issues and goals

Share everything about your business with us in a private session. We’ll uncover your immediate pain points together.

Bring your chaos into


Keep your mind sane with our expert advice and easy to follow action plans. Your business will have a clear path that we pave.

Stabilize your business within your resources

Learn how to maximize your resources with maximum output to ensure your business achieves the stability you desire.

Best suited for businesses that are in ideation phase up to 6 months of operation.

The most critical phase of any business is the ideation phase. We will tackle most common issues with any startups and construct action plans for you and your business.

Trusted by startups

Hundreds of startups have a higher chance of survivability rate after several sessions with us.

Faster actions

We believe you will take faster actions once we uncover your issues and goals.

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