We are Financial-Driven Business Advisory Firm focusing on creating a better quality of life for entrepreneurs and business owners through better business.

We are the preferred choice Business Advisory Firm by Family-Owned SMEs.


We started our operations in 2006 with the brand name of ActionCOACH Subang Jaya, as one of Malaysian Franchisees for Las Vegas-based ActionCOACH (formerly known as Action International), the World's Number One Business Coaching company with the primary objective to popularize and grow in the field of business advisory in Malaysia. We provide business re-education, innovative strategies consultation and advisory to business owners who are seeking assistance as well as material advice to grow and transform their business. We are now one of Malaysia's most talked-about business advisory firms for small businesses. Upon expiry of our 10-year franchise relationship with ActionCOACH in December 2015, ActionCOACH Subang Jaya was renamed Action Business Advisors Malaysia or in short ABA MALAYSIA.

The concept of business coaching was pioneered in 1993 by its founder, Brad Sugars. To-date ActionCOACH continues to blaze the trail and serves as the business coaching industry’s most innovative company. It has grown to be the number one business coaching firm in the world, with hundreds of proven systems and strategies that are guaranteed to get results. Each Franchisee has been hand-selected and carefully picked based upon their breadth of industry experience, coupled with their passion, commitment and desire to guide and advise the next generation of business leaders across every industry or sector imaginable. 

With our financial-driven advisory approach, we have assisted more than 8000 businesses across more than 20 sectors nationwide since 2006, of which they had gone through our Business Diagnostics Services (Business Consultation, Business Review and Business Assessment) and Business Advisory Services, in improving their business efficiency and management operations, helping them on how to run their business effectively and grow their business sustainably, and bringing back their business excitement through developing and implementing financial, operational and other critical management systems based on our proven and tested methodologies.

One thing we saw was that most small business owners are really good at their trade or profession but were never really taught how to run a business, and end up working harder and longer trying to figure out how it is all supposed to work. Statistics (SME Corp Malaysia, 2020) tell us almost 50% of small businesses end up failing in the first 5 years and large number do it the tougher way than they have to. Apart from helping small business owners in managing their Time, Team and Money, we also emphasises on their Liquidity, Profitability and Sustainability.

In transforming businesses to become more effective & efficient, our Business Monitoring & Advisory (BMA) methodologies focus on the following 4 areas:

Business Systems
Standard Operating Procedures
Key Results Areas & Key Performance Indicators
Human Capital Development

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”

– Steve Jobs

Our vision and mission as a company have always been the key to help our clients thrive in their industry.


To be the preferred choice by entrepreneurs in transforming their business.


To bring the entrepreneurs’ mindset at par with the business standards & requirements.

Meet Our Team

Based on our proven systems and tested methodologies as well as our experience in helping SMEs since 2006, we believe that we had contributed to the success in developing more than 8,000 entrepreneurs on one-on-one basis nationwide across more than 20 sectors.



Dr Asri Jusoh carries with him extensive experience in accounting, auditing and corporate finance, specializing in standard financial reporting during his 23 years of employment in various roles and functions with Audit & Accounting firms, Merchant/Investment Bank, Finance, Leasing & Discount Houses, Commercial Bank and General Insurance Companies. He also carries over 18 years of experience as a business owner where he started his entrepreneurial journey in 2006 by being one of the Malaysian Franchisees for Las Vegas-based ActionCOACH Business Coaching (formerly known as Action International) for 10 years (2006 - 2015). He was one of the earliest ActionCOACH’s franchisees in Malaysia and among 2000 plus franchisees worldwide. He was awarded with Rookie Business Coach (Feb 2006), Bronze Business Coach (Aug 2006), Silver Business Coach (Feb 2007) and Gold Business Coach (Aug 2008). He was also inducted into ActionCOACH’s President CLUB as part of his overall remarkable achievement as a Franchisee (Miami, Florida, Aug 2011).

To-date ActionCOACH continues to be the largest and most successful business coaching franchise in the world. Using internationally-proven systems and framework with financial-driven advisory approach, he and his advisory team at Action Business Advisors Malaysia or ABA MALAYSIA have been working directly with business owners from startup to growth and investible levels since 2006 strictly focusing on business systemization that brings the companies towards high level of Liquidity, Profitability & Solvency, involving designing, implementing, monitoring and advising on the restructuring plans and strategies for more than 8,000 SMEs from over 20 business sectors nationwide on a one-on-one basis, for better growth, stability and sustainability.

His roles as The President and Senior Business Advisor at ABA MALAYSIA includes designs advisory programs, oversees R&D & innovation activities, oversees advisory quality, compliance & the Firm’s sustainability. He also leads several Focus Groups where business owners meet up regularly to discuss on strategic issues and plan for their businesses, share their success stories, learn from each other in a think-tank setting and build strategic alliances. He also serves as Industry Mentor for Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU), oversees his family-run Iron Brigade Functional Studio, conducts research studies and writes articles on small business sustainability management as well as guides & advises Doctoral (DBA) candidates whose research interests closely intersect with him.



Shamsul has more than 20 years working experience with Telecommunication Companies, Commercial Banks, Financial Institutions, Technology Start-ups,

Retail Business and Private Higher Learning Institutions before joining ABA MALAYSIA in December 2015 as the Group Program Director. He was later advanced to the role of Group CEO and Partner in 2016, taking on the responsibility of driving the firm's growth.


Over the past 8 years, Shamsul has guided SME businesses, from multiple business sectors from education, food and beverages, creative content, healthcare, retail, trading, engineering services, professional services and many more, in achieving their business goals in critical areas from improving their financial performance (liquidity, profitability, solvency), accelerating their organizational development to building sustainable business frameworks and succession planning.


He also had guided SME business owners and their team in building, strategising and implementing critical

management systems that have measurably improved the shareholders’ value. Shamsul also assisted businesses in resolving internal conflicts and establishing themselves as strong competitors at higher levels.


Shamsul's expertise in business advisory, coupled with his deep understanding of effective management systems, enables him and ABA MALAYSIA’s

Advisory Team to bring great value to any organisation seeking to enhance its operations and profitability. He

works collaboratively with the clients to develop customised solutions that meet their specific needs.


Backed by his experience, strategic guidance and commitment to delivering tangible results, together with tested and measured ABA MALAYSIA’s advisory system, Shamsul is prepared to empower businesses to overcome challenges, optimise performance, and achieve sustainable growth in today's rapidly changing business landscape.


Shamsul specialises in helping businesses with business planning, financial improvement and critical management systems. He was a Business Administration graduate from a reputable Malaysia’s university and a Certified Business Advisor of ABA MALAYSIA.


Under his leadership, ABA MALAYSIA has continued to become the preferred choice for SME businesses seeking expert guidance.



She has over 20 years of working experience in corporate administration and communications, assisting top management at various divisions during her training and employment in commercial banks. Together with Dr Asri Jusoh, she co-founded ActionCOACH Subang Jaya which she primarily in charged on franchise compliance, reporting and communication with Las Vegas-based Franchisor and ActionCOACH’s Master Licensee in Malaysia. Currently, she oversees the operations and communications of




Prior to joining ABA MALAYSIA in 2019, she was attached to one of Malaysia's reputable FMCG brand for more than

3 years in-charged of outlet management.

She manages and oversees daily administrative and accounting & finance matters for ABA MALAYSIA and its associate companies; In-Support Consulting Sdn Bhd and Iron Brigade Functional Studio. She is also now the training instructor for Office Central Accounting Software which is part of ABA MALAYSIA’s services offered to its clients.



Linda has experience of more than 20 years in customer relationship while she was with multiple corporations in banking, telecommunications, logistics and consumer electrical products. Her roles and responsibilities cover coordinating projects, liaising with clients and internal teams. She also manages program schedules, budgets and deliverables. Linda facilitates project communication, tracking progress, and ensure timely execution of business advisory initiatives.

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